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Of Manolos and Martinis: Chapter 1

Title: Of Manolos and Martinis: Chapter 1/?
Author: dreaminrubies
Rating: NC-17
Pairing Idina/Kristin, some Stephanie/Kendra, a little Kendra/Julia and a little Stephanie/Sebastian
Disclaimer: Original characters are of my own creation, the others girl are of their own accord.
Summary: Slight AU. Idina, Kristin, Stephanie and Kendra have been best friends for the longest time. They meet every week in the city for dinner and drinks, unless their personal and business lives get in the way.
Author's notes: Totally inspired by my Sex and the City and Cashmere Mafia obsession.

Stephanie was the first to arrive at Le Bernardin. The black sunglasses provided a welcomed protection for her. It was dark out and she didn’t need them, but it had been a habit after starting her run in Wicked in order to disguise herself from fans that went a little over the line. She was bursting with news to tell the girls as she pushed her way past the crowd around the waiting area up to the Maitre D’.

“Block, reservation for four,” she said.

“Right this way,” he said, picking up the menus and showing her to the table that was in the very back, away from the window as per her request.

“Thank you,” she smiled, taking her seat as she patiently waited for the girls to show up.


“Dammit, where the hell is this restaurant again?,” Idina cursed as she flung her arm out to hail a cab.

Kristin rolled her eyes.

“You are hopeless at directions, good thing you have me,” Kristin replied as a cab pulled up and stopped.

“I only keep you around for your ass,” Idina smirked as she reached out and pinched one of Kristin’s cheeks.

Kristin squeaked and swatted her hand away before they climbed into the cab.

“49th street please, between 6th and 7th,” Kristin told the taxi driver as she took Idina’s hand in her own and her cheeks flushed.

Idina smiled at her as she squeezed her hand.

“Do you think the girls will be disappointed?” Idina asked.

“Of course not, they are going to be really happy for you,” Kristin smiled.

“I hope so,” Idina sighed as that little knot of worry began to form in her stomach.


Kendra’s cell phone vibrated, indicating that it was now seven pm and she needed to get her ass in gear.

“Shut up,” she muttered as she flipped open the phone to turn it off.

“Do you have to be somewhere baby?” Carmen asked as she leaned against the frame of the bathroom door, clad in just a pair of blue and red boy cut briefs and a white wife beater.

“Yeah, dinner with the girls, I wish you would take those things off, they make you look like superman or something,” Kendra smiled, rolling from underneath the warm blankets.

“Do you have to go? If you stay, I will take them off,” Carmen pouted before she wiggled her eyebrows in suggestion.

“As tempting as that sounds, I have to go, but I promise I will come back and then fuck your brains out,” Kendra grinned as she pulled her close and kissed her hard.

“You better or I’ll torture you,” Carmen smirked.

“I like your torture,” Kendra winked.


“Took you all long enough,” Stephanie smiled as she stood up to hug Idina and Kristin.

“Sorry, Miss Diva here couldn’t decide on what to wear,” Kristin smiled as she hugged Stephanie.

“She knows that I’m not good at picking my own outfits,” Idina replied, rolling her eyes as she left a soft peck on Stephanie’s cheek.

“How did you manage to score reservations here?” Kristin asked as she sat down in her chair and noticed that Kendra hadn’t arrived yet.

“Oh, well you know I only made them about three months in advance,” Stephanie laughed.

“Hey babes, sorry I’m late, I was basking in the afterglow of some really good sex,” Kendra grinned.

“As if we wouldn’t have guessed that,” Idina teased.

Kendra pinched Idina lightly in the side as she pulled her into a tight hug.

“You’re only jealous because you are in a monogamous relationship and are stuck sleeping with just one person for the rest of your life,” Kendra pointed out.

“Hey! Watch it, I happen to be very good in the sack and I keep my woman satisfied,” Kristin growled playfully.

“I think it is the other way around,” Kendra smirked.

“Be nice,” Stephanie scolded as Kendra sat down next to her.

“So since we all know what is ‘new’ with Kendra, what is going on in your life, Steph?” Idina asked.

Before Stephanie could respond, they were interrupted by a waiter who was all too eager to take their drink orders.

“Just water for me,” Idina replied.

“A glass of chardonnay,” Kristin ordered.

“Cosmo,” Kendra smiled.

“Water for me as well,” Stephanie said and she was met with three raised eyebrows.

“What? Idina ordered water too and you aren’t looking at her like she has three heads,” she scoffed.

“I have to save my vocal cords,” Idina replied.

“And I don’t? You aren’t the only performer at this table, Miss Menzel,” Stephanie replied.

The waiter returned with the drinks before any more argument could occur. Kendra took a deep sip from her cosmopolitan and smiled.

“That hits the spot,” she grinned.

“And why do you have to save your vocal cords, you finished your London run already,” Stephanie interjected.

“Just go ahead and tell them,” Kristin told her significant other.

“Because, Mrs. Arcelus, I get to record an album with Glen Ballard and it is going to be released under WB records, that’s why I have to keep my vocal cords in good shape,” Idina retorted.

“Congratulations!” Kendra gushed, leaning over the table and kissing Idina’s cheek.

“I’m very happy for you. I know this has been a dream of yours for a long time,” Stephanie smiled, truly happy for her friend.

“So Miss Smart Mouth, why are you drinking water?” Idina asked, folding her arms.

“Because I’m pregnant and alcohol isn’t good for the baby,” Stephanie replied calmly.

Idina spit out the water she had currently tried to swallow.

“You’re going to be a mommy!” Kristin squealed happily as she moved her hands in an excited gesture and almost knocked her wine glass over in the process.

“I know! Sebastian and I found out three weeks ago that I’m about five weeks along, so that makes me eight now,” Stephanie smiled.

“You better make me the godmother!” Kendra insisted as she hugged Stephanie close.

“Well, I was going to ask that all three of you be the child’s godmother. I couldn’t chose just one and Elizabeth Hurley had seven godparents for her son so I figure that I can have three for my baby,” Stephanie said.

“Congratulations,” Idina said as little tears watered up in her eyes.

“Excuse us please,” Kristin said, taking her hand and pulling her away from the table and into the bathroom.

“She’s pregnant,” Idina said, grabbing a tissue to dab under her eyes.

“I know, but baby, we’ve discussed this. The timing isn’t right for us to have children yet. You’re going to be busy recording at crazy hours of the day and I’m going to be filming the TV show. We’ll be mothers some day, just not right now. Now we can be happy for Stephanie’s blessing and be the best godmothers to her little one,” Kristin said.

Idina nodded her head as she slid her arms around Kristin’s waist and kissed her deeply. Kristin had always been one of the people that could talk sense into her, the others which included her mother and sister.

“You’re my rock, do you know that?” Idina whispered into her ear.

“I’ll always be there for you to hold onto,” Kristin smiled.


Kendra was slightly tipsy as she made her way back to her apartment. She needed to grab a few things before she headed back over to Carmen’s loft. She flipped on the switch and let out a loud gasp when she saw the figure standing in the middle of her living room.


“Hello lover,” Julia purred.

Kendra felt her mouth go dry as she took in the site of Julia standing there in a black bra and panties complete with garter straps and delicate thigh highs that only complimented her gorgeous, well toned legs. Before she knew it, the sensual growl she always emitted before she ravaged her lovers echoed off the walls of her apartment. Her nails clawed at the fabric which separated Julia’s flesh from her own as Julia took her sweet ass time unzipping Kendra’s white dress. The only sounds that filled the room were of ripping fabric, smacking flesh and soft moans.


“Do you think we’re boring compared to our friends?” Idina asked Kristin as she rubbed lotion into her calves.

“Goodness, no,” Kristin replied.

“Sometimes I think we are. Stephanie is going to be mother and Kendra has her romantic trysts,” Idina said as she climbed into bed next to Kristin.

“And you are going to be recording an album and starting a world tour soon, so enjoy boring while you can, although we are not boring,” Kristin replied as she pulled her close and gave her a deep kiss.

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