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Of Manolos and Martinis: Chapter 4/?

Title: Of Manolos and Martinis: Chapter 4/?
Author: dreaminrubies
Rating: NC-17
Pairing Idina/Kristin, Kendra/Julia, Stephanie/Sebastian and some Stephanie/Kendra,
Disclaimer: Original characters are of my own creation, the others girl are of their own accord.
Summary: Slight AU(only because I fudge the timeline a bit). Idina, Kristin, Stephanie and Kendra have been best friends for the longest time. They meet every week in the city for dinner and drinks, unless their personal and business lives get in the way.
Author's notes: Some Julia and Kendra smut in this, oh and I need a new beta, because mine disappeared.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

The diamond on the gold band sparkled when it caught the light.

“That one, right there, that’s perfect,” Idina smiled.

“That is a very good choice, miss,” the jeweler smiled as she took out the 14 karat diamond engagement ring and placed into the velvet box.

Kristin would wrap up filming around eight tonight, so Idina was going to have a late dinner ordered in and then she would propose after dessert. She thought about slipping the ring into a glass of champagne until she realized how much hated when people did that in movies. Idina took the Tiffany’s bag and a big smile broke across her face.

“Oh my God! Are you Idina Menzel?!” she heard a voice gasp behind her.

Oh crap, please don’t let it be a crazy fan. At least she said my name right, Idina groaned inwardly. Idina wasn’t a rude person otherwise she would have kept walking right out the door. She was beginning to understand why other celebrities did it. Idina forced a smile onto her face as she turned around to face the girl.

“It is you!” the girl exclaimed.

“Um yeah, hi, what is your name?” Idina asked her, trying to be polite.

Idina really did love and appreciate her fans, but sometimes she just wanted to tell them to fuck off. It was one thing to have them come to a concert or to a signing or an event and ask for her picture and autograph then, but she still got jilted when they recognized her in public and would start hassling her. Deep down, Idina was a very shy and private person and preferred to keep it that way.

“Jen. Can I get a picture please?” she asked as she began to fumble for a camera in her purse.

“Yeah sure,” Idina said.

She started to glance around for a clock to see what time it was. She was sure she was already late for the next session and Glen probably was not going to happy.

“Thank you so much, I just love you in….”

Ugh, I loved you in Wicked, that’s all they ever say. I’m not just fucking Elphaba, you know, Idina grumbled inside.

“The Wild Party,” Jen finished as she walked up to Idina’s side and aimed the camera at them.

Idina was greatly surprised by the girl’s comment and she was sure her expression in the picture Jen had just snapped would show it.

“Thank you, have a good day,” Jen smiled before she went about her business.

Idina shook herself out the daze and rushed out the door to try and get back to the studio.


“Why don’t you want to find out the sex?” Kendra demanded as she pulled a breadstick out the basket and broke it in half.

“Because I want to be surprised,” Stephanie replied as she took a hefty sip of her water.

Kendra rolled her eyes at her dearest friend.

“Does Sebastian want to find out?”

“Yes, I told him that he can, but he can’t tell me under penalty of death,” Stephanie grinned.

“Oh I’ll get it out of him when the time comes and then I’ll help him pick out names,” Kendra smiled.

“No! He can’t tell you! You’ll blab to Julia and then she’ll tell Eden and Idina and they will tell Megan and Kristin and then someone will blab it to me. No one gets to know but Seb,” Stephanie said seriously.

“Whatever, Mama, I’m finding out whether you like it or not,” Kendra smirked.

“Just keep your mouth shut please then. I do not want to know,” Stephanie replied as the waiter bought their food and she wasted no time in digging into her puttanesca.

“At least you have an excuse to get fat,” Kendra sighed as she jabbed her fork into her salad.

Stephanie swallowed down her extra large bite before taking a sip of her water, giving Kendra a harsh glare.

“Kendra, you are not fat and if you think you are, then you are clearly delusional,” Stephanie told her as she reached her hand across the table and took Kendra’s hand into her own.

“Thanks, Steph. It’s just…Idina and Julia are in great shape and Kristin looks wonderful and so do you and I feel like, I could be thinner,” Kendra admitted as she squeezed Stephanie’s hand tightly.

“Darling, you look amazing and in case you haven’t noticed, I have never been a size zero, not even a size four. You are gorgeous and you have a gorgeous woman who is in love with you so it shouldn’t even matter,” Stephanie replied.

“I’m not sure what I would do without you, Steph,” Kendra laughed as she brushed away a stray tear.

“Starve yourself until you looked like a lollipop,” she teased.

Kendra gave her a little smile before pushing her fork filled with romaine into her mouth.

“I’m treating you to ice cream after this. I’ve been craving pistachio,” Stephanie smiled.

“Good, I’ve been dying for some mint chocolate chip.”

Idina stuck the champagne bottle into the sterling silver bucket filled with ice and made sure the table was set properly. Maddie was following her around, very curious to her every move. Sammy was passed out on his bed in the front room and was paying no attention to what was going on. She began to dish out the food onto the plates as Kristin walked into the apartment, looking very worn out.

“Hi honey, I’m home,” Kristin teased, never losing her sense of humor.

“I’m in the dining room baby,” Idina called out with a smile.

“Something smells delicious so I know that you didn’t cook,” Kristin giggled as she walked up to Idina and perched on her tip toes as she gave her a soft kiss.

“Bitch,” Idina replied as she slipped her lips down and nipped at Kristin’s neck.

“Let me eat first and then we can play rough,” Kristin replied as she lightly smacked Idina’s hip.

“Mmm, I like the idea of that,” Idina grinned.

Maddie jumped into Kristin’s lap as Idina popped the cork. A little spray of bubbly came out as she began to fill up the flutes.

“Is this a special occasion that I’m forgetting about?” Kristin asked curiously as she took a little sip of the champagne.

“Nope, just thought I would do something nice to celebrate our first week out in LA,” Idina smiled.

“Dee, you are a crappy liar.”

Idina just ignored Kristin’s comment and returned to eating dinner. She bought in the chocolate covered strawberries for dessert after she had made a brief stop in the bedroom to get the ring box. Kristin was on her second glass of champagne and nibbling happily on the delectable treats.

“So…” Idina started to say as she slid onto the floor.

“Dee! Are you drunk already?” Kristin asked in disbelief.

Idina laughed as she shook her head.

“No, Kris. I am very sober in this moment,” Idina replied as she pulled the box out of her pocket and opened it up.

“Kristi Dawn Chenoweth, would you make me the happiest woman in the world and become my wife?” Idina asked.

Kristin’s heart leapt into her throat as her mouth went dry.

“Y…yes,” she managed to push out as Idina slipped the diamond ring onto her finger.

Idina pushed herself up slightly and kissed Kristin rather hard.

“Good, I was hoping you would say yes,” Idina smiled against Kristin’s lips.

“I love you so much.”

“I love you more.”


“So how about that rough stuff now?”

Idina was silenced with a hard kiss as Kristin pinned her to the floor.


Kendra’s feet were resting in Julia’s lap. She was trying to focus on the TV, but her eyes kept wandering back to her lover’s face.

“Jules?” Kendra asked softly.


“Am I beautiful?”

Julia marked her book before setting it aside and grazed a finger over Kendra’s polished toes.

“You are beyond beautiful to me. You are my goddess. I don’t deserve you,” Julia replied softly.

“Don’t say that. You are magnificent.”

Julia chuckled.

“Darling, I know that I’m no Angelina Jolie.”

“You’re right, you are way better than her.”
Kendra climbed into Julia’s lap and gave her a soft kiss as she tugged her fingers through Julia’s dirty blonde hair. Julia’s hands slid up Kendra’s silk shirt and cupped her breasts. Their clothes were soon discarded on the floor. Kendra lay beneath Julia as the slightly older woman gently sucked on her nipples until they were rock hard. Julia’s hand cupped her warm, wet sex as Kendra’s hands wandered down her body.

“So gorgeous,” Julia whispered into Kendra’s ear as she pushed two fingers up her with ease.

“My golden goddess,” Kendra whispered back after she had released a soft moan.

Julia’s thumb lightly pressed against Kendra’s clit, which made the young blonde tremble. The two kissed with a fiery passion as Kendra squeezed Julia’s ass.

“Can you come for me, baby?” Julia asked as she nibbled on Kendra’s ear lobe.

Kendra let out a mumbled reply as her back arched up as she had her orgasm. Julia dipped her head down and kissed Kendra’s stomach before wiggling out her fingers. She pressed their naked bodies tightly together as they lay in a peaceful bliss on the couch.

“I love you,” Kendra whispered.

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