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Of Manolos and Martinis: Chapter 2

Title: Of Manolos and Martinis: Chapter 2/?
Author: dreaminrubies
Rating: NC-17
Pairing Idina/Kristin, some Stephanie/Kendra, Kendra/Julia and a little Stephanie/Sebastian
Disclaimer: Original characters are of my own creation, the others girl are of their own accord.
Summary: Slight AU. Idina, Kristin, Stephanie and Kendra have been best friends for the longest time. They meet every week in the city for dinner and drinks, unless their personal and business lives get in the way.
Author's notes: Totally inspired by my Sex and the City and Cashmere Mafia obsession. Also, I’m looking for a beta.

Chapter One

Stephanie woke up with Sebastian’s warm hand resting against her stomach. She smiled and rested her hand on top of his. The little band of gold shone on his ring finger. He had told Stephanie that he never took it off and she hadn’t believed him until now. Even she would take hers off when she slept or showered, but it was always in a very safe place. His hand moved slowly over her abdomen as he began to flutter his eyelids open.

“Morning,” she smiled down at him as she ran the fingers of her free hand through his shaggy blonde hair.

“Morning,” he smiled up at her.

Stephanie hadn’t planned on getting pregnant so soon after the wedding. They both wanted to start a family, but they hadn’t planned on a baby so soon. They were over the moon now. Stephanie knew that was going to be a good mother and she knew that Sebastian was going to be a wonderful father.


“Where are you?” Carmen’s voiced growled into the phone as her usual caramel smoothness turned into something harsh and hostile and Kendra didn’t like it.

“I….” Kendra started to say as she looked down at Julia’s dirty blonde hair sprawled across her naked stomach.

“You what?” Carmen growled.

Julia heaved softly as she took a breath and nuzzled her face against Kendra’s bare stomach. Kendra had to bite down on the inside of her mouth to keep from moaning.

“Are you with someone else?” Carmen demanded when she didn’t get a response in the proper amount of time.

“No, well yeah, but it isn’t what you think,” Kendra replied hastily.

Carmen started to swear at her in her Portuguese tongue which Kendra didn’t understand one bit of. Julia lifted her head up and gave Kendra a sloppy smile.

“Morning,” she whispered as she left soft kisses in a little trail as she moved up Kendra’s chest.

“I can hear her!” Carmen screamed on the other end.

Kendra winced.

“Listen Carmen, I’m sorry, but I told you from the beginning that I’m not a one woman kind of girl,” she said as Julia’s lips began to suck on the tender skin of her neck.

Carmen started to curse at her again so Kendra just flipped her cell phone shut. She didn’t need this shit. She didn’t get attached to her flings because it was always a mistake. It always led to heartache. She had given her heart to someone before and it had gotten ripped to shreds so she swore to never do that again.

“Girl troubles?” Julia smiled as she ran her fingers through Kendra’s thick, blonde curls.

“Mmm you are the only trouble in my life now,” Kendra smirked.


Idina reached across the arm rest and took Kristin’s hand into her own. Flying always made her nervous no matter how many times she did it. Her stomach was filled with knots and butterflies that were flapping their wings hard. Kristin’s thumb rubbed her knuckles as she flashed her lover a warm smile.

“Not too much longer,” she told her.

“If you call three hours not that much longer,” Idina scoffed at her.

“At least we aren’t flying to another country, Miss Grumpy Pants,” Kristin laughed.

Idina rolled her green eyes as she took a deep breath.

“Do you want to get married?” Idina asked her and started to wonder why the hell that had come out of her mouth.

She figured that it was her intense fear of flying and that if the plane plummeted to the ground in the next few seconds, at least she would have the comfort of Kristin wanting to be her wife.

“Oh no no no, Miss Menzel, if you are going to propose to me, you are going to do it right. So I am going to pretend that I did not just hear that come out of your mouth,” Kristin replied smoothly as she opened up her book.

“Thanks, Kris,” Idina laughed as she blushed, feeling rather foolish for bringing the subject up.

They had been together for almost a little over three years and the topic of marriage had come up over the years, but the timing was never right. Idina closed her eyes to try and get some rest before the plane got to LA. She was thankful that Kristin was going to be filming the show there as well so they would be able to see each other.


“Carmen left me,” Kendra sighed as she looked at baby trinkets with Stephanie.

“And why is that?” Stephanie asked as her fingers brushed against an emerald green baby blanket that was extremely soft.

“Cause she called me and heard Julia on the other end,” Kendra smirked.

Stephanie let out a hearty laugh.

“You are too much,” Stephanie said, shaking her head.

“I know! But I couldn’t help it; Carmen was an amazing piece of ass. You saw her! Would you say no to that?” Kendra asked.

“Probably not,” Stephanie replied.

“Exactly! Oh well, that’s all she was to me. Just a piece of ass. Now Julia is a gem, she is just amazing,” Kendra grinned and Stephanie noted a small amount of glowing.

“Is this love?” Stephanie asked.

“Possibly,” Kendra blushed.

She couldn’t deny the fact that she felt amazing when she was in Julia’s presence. The slightly older woman knew all the right areas to touch and all the right words to say. When she was in Julia’s arms, she never wanted to move.

“Awww,” Stephanie cooed as she kissed Kendra’s cheek.

“Ew, no, I am not the romantic type,” Kendra said as she made a face.

“I know a lot of girls say that and when their partner makes a big romantic gesture, they change their minds,” she replied, deciding to get the baby blanket.

“Well your husband is the king of romance. I’ve never seen so many rose petals in my life,” Kendra giggled.

Stephanie and Sebastian had hit it off the first moment when he had joined the touring cast. On their first Valentine’s Day, Sebastian had covered her entire dressing room in rose petals. Kendra had been teasing her about it ever since. Stephanie didn’t mind though, she had adored the gesture since she had always been a romantic at heart. She loved sappy love stories that would bring her to tears. She remembered when Sebastian had taken her to see a special showing of The Notebook at one of the artsy movie theatres buried deep within the city, she had spent most of the movie sobbing into his chest.

“Yeah and I love him for it. You should see how happy he is. He is making a whole list of baby names and he wants to build the crib and paint it and everything,” Stephanie said as her dark eyes sparkled.

“Can he build a crib?” Kendra asked curiously as she picked up a set of blue and pink rubber ducks.

“He is taking a construction class or something like that to learn how,” Stephanie replied.

“Ok, that is actually really adorable. You lucked out in the husband department,” Kendra smiled.

“I know, I’m very thankful,” Stephanie grinned.

She purchased the baby blanket and Kendra got the ducks as a little gift for her.

“I get to help with the nursery,” Kendra reminded me as they headed toward their lunch destination.

“Sure, you’ll probably have to battle Sebastian over that,” Stephanie smiled.

“I’ll bring my wand,” Kendra winked.

“Did you have fun shopping?” Julia asked as Kendra stripped off her clothes and joined her in the bubble bath.

Kendra settled back against Julia’s chest and let out contented sigh before answering.

“Yeah, it was fun hanging out with Stephanie. She is going to be a wonderful mother,” Kendra smiled as Julia’s slender fingers worked the shampoo through her thick curls.

“I agree,” Julia replied.

Kendra’s hands rested against Julia’s legs. She was beginning to get a taste of what it was like to be slightly domestic. Idina and Kristin had this as did Sebastian and Stephanie. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to be a one woman kind of girl.

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